Tomorrow’s the Day!


The big day is tomorrow and I cannot wait! I just wanted to send some last minute details about tomorrow. If you have any questions, please feel free to text or call me at any point: 214-949-9245

Arrive no later than 11:00am at Dubiski Career High School cafeteria.

Music Memory competition begins at 11:30am and will end at 12:30pm.

Parents will be notified if student is receiving an award! If so, the awards ceremony is at 3pm. Feel free to leave Dubiski in between.

Wear your GFAA UIL shirt and blue jeans! We will have to get a team pic tomorrow!

Finally, be sure and get lots of rest and review tie breaker pieces we went over today! Even 3rd & 4th grade will have to spell out any tie breaker questions.

I am so proud of your kiddos and thankful for your willingness to get them to practices and pick them up each week. I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow!

Ms. Asselin


Dubiski Career High School

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